Top 4 ways to save money on steam

You find yourself caught in a web of enticing Steam game deals, your wallet feeling lighter by the minute. But fear not, for there are ways to save money and still indulge in your gaming desires. As you navigate through the labyrinth of discounts, keep these strategies in mind.


1. Buy it when discount.

Many game sale have discount on Holiday Sale. Some are 50% off, or even more. It depends on the game merchant.

2. Use cheap region account

Due to the inequality of income and purchase willingness in each region, in order to better provide game services, Steam provides different prices for each region.

For example, “The Grand Theft Auto V” sale on British $15.14, but it only need $0.94 on Argentina. you can save almost $14.

You can query all steam game price on

if you want to rechange Argentina balance, you can go to my shop.

3. Buy Cheap Gift Card

Some gift cards can be very cheap. It can help you save 10 %~20 % money.

What I suggest is if you have time, you can buy it on

But be care for, There are some scammer. Not buy the unnormal product.

4.Participate in home sharing

Let’s say your friend has a game that you don’t have, and you want to play that game but don’t want to pay for it. You can turn on family sharing with your friends

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